Production of Magazines

4After web press printing equipment modernization Univest Print can offer production of magazines of different formats, number of pages and circulation, and any complexity, with all sorts of paste-in slips, insertions and stickers in minimum period.

Printing house’s production facilities can satisfy any publisher’s requirements. Small print-runs can be printed on sheet printing machines. Big circulation magazines with terms of production can use web press printing machines.

Printing of magazines

Printing on sheet printing machines is used for printing small print-runs, covers, paste-in slips and inner section for magazines, printed on web press machines.

Printing solutions on sheet printing machines:

  • Paper weight from 60 gr/sqm to cardboard up to 0,9 thickness («beer» cardboard).
  • Full colour printing  in 4, 5 or 6 colours.
  • Printing with Pantone, silver and bronze, fluorescent, aromatized and thermochromic paints
  • Printing with speciality ink , so called «security ink»: ink which is lucid under UV light , ink printed marking can be seen after scratching with a coin ( packaging protection from forgery) . A
  • While printing protection water-dispersible and UV varnish and varnish with interferent pigments can be applied.
  • Gum printing to use for a follow-up gluing.

Printing solutions on web press printing machines:

  • Paper weight from 35 to 130 gr/sqm, printing from roll into sheets – 170 gr/sqm.
  • Format А3, А4, А5 and mini format, using delta-fold and doppel-parrallel
  • Printing A4 format with different number of pages in single pass: 8,10,12,16, 20 and24pages.
  • Full colour printing in 4 or 5 colours, or 4 colours plus aromatized vanish (microencapsulating).
  • Application of dry glue layer on printed product for later gluing.


Post-print solutions:

  • Collating, folding, creasing, perforation.
  • Stapling – standard  staples or brace, thermo-gluing on binder, including cover with  flap.
  • Spine gluing with PUR glue.
  • Pasting, cutting.
  • Lamination.
  • Foil embossing, blind and relief stamping.
  • Numeration.
  • Individual packaging in PP or PE film.
  • Gathering several types of printing products and insertions (cards, 3D products, etc.) in one bag.
  • Hand operations of any complexity (insertions, sorting, re-packing).