Part-works Production

Unives1t Print was first in Ukraine to develop technology for part-works production. Now the Company is not only absolute leader in this market segment but is the largest exporter.

We provide printing, post-print and delivery of export products.



Part-works printing

Sheet printing machines can be used for printing of guide cards, insertions and hasted insets.

Printing solutions on sheet printing machines:

  • Paper weight from 60 gr/sqm to cardboard up to 0,9 thickness («beer» cardboard).
  • Full colour printing  in 4, 5 or 6 colours.
  • Printing with Pantone, silver and bronze, fluorescent, aromatized and thermochromic paints
  • Printing with speciality ink , so called «security ink»: ink which is lucid under UV light , ink printed marking can be seen after scratching with a coin ( packaging protection from forgery)
  • While printing protection water-dispersible and UV varnish and varnish with interferent pigments can be applied.
  • Gum printing to use for follow-up gluing.

Printing solutions on web press printing machines:

  • Paper weight from 35 to 130 gr/sqm, printing from roll into sheets – 170 gr/sqm.
  • Format А3, А4, А5 and mini format, using  delta-fold and doppel-parrallel
  • Printing A4 format with different number of pages in single pass: 8,10,12,16, 20 and24pages.
  • Full colour printing  in 4 or 5 colours, or 4 colours plus aromatized vanish (microencapsulating).
  • Application of dry glue layer on printed product for later gluing.


Post-print solutions:

  • Collating, hole drilling for putting in binder .
  • Stapling on brace staples.
  • Spine gluing with PUR glue.
  • Pasting insets inside part-work.
  • Individual packaging in PP or PE film.
  • Gathering several types of printing products and insertions in one bag.
  • Hand operations of any complexity (insertions, sorting, re-packing).