Packaging Production

1.6.произ упаковки Univest Packaging division was set up in 2011.

Company produces different types of packaging: cardboard (including pasted), blister and plastic meeting world’s standards. Company is able to carry out complicated printing projects in packaging production and re-packing, which require non-standard approach and hand operations. Full-circle production of packaging different types: “blister+blister”, “cardboard+cardboard”, “blister+cardboard” on two automatic and five semi-automatic lines used for connection of blister elements and semi-products insertions.


Printing of packaging

All Univest Print ‘s resources are available to Univest Packaging

Printing solutions:

  • Full colour printing  in 4, 5 or 6 colours.
  • Printing on cardboard up to 0,9 thickness («beer» cardboard).
  • Printing with Pantone, silver and bronze, fluorescent, aromatized and thermochromic paints
  • Printing with speciality ink, so called «security ink»: ink which is lucid under UV light , ink printed marking can be seen after scratching with a coin ( packaging protection from forgery)
  • While printing protection water-dispersible and UV varnish and varnish with interferent pigments can be applied.


Post-print solutions:

  • Pasting, cutting, perforation.
  • Numeration.
  • Foil embossing, blind and relief stamping.
  • Lamination.
  • Boxes’ gluing on folding-gluing machine.
  • Thermo-forming vacuum packaging using different types of film with vary density, thermo formatting by negative and positive methods.
  • Packaging in blisters on cardboard backing boards.
  • Hand operations of any complexity (insertions, sorting, re-packing).
  • We have design department which develops 3D models and matrixes for blowing-down blisters on our own equipment

Univest Print’s and Univest Packaging’s joint resources let us achieve the high level of production processes’ synergy. We know how to optimize adequately product’s net cost using thereby equipment, raw materials and materials supplied by lead European producers.