Social Responsibility

4.3.соц ответственность Business ethics and corporate management 

We aim to follow high standards of professional ethics, maintain Company’s reputation, keep public trust, respect human rights, know and abide legislative and regulation acts requirements. We see our responsibility to employees in creating conditions for effective working. Our approach is embodied in business practice, internal policies and Company’s procedures.



Company does not use child labour. Term “child” refers to a person younger than 16 years.


It is not allowed in Company to use any form of compulsory or involuntary labour, connected to any form of punishment.


We do not accept discrimination police on racial, gender, religious, age-related, ethnic, political, social and other grounds in the processes of employment, determination of compensation package and benefits, career development, discipline, retirement, etc. during work activities. Internal procedures are aimed at creating conditions for objective assessment and recognition.


Company’s main priorities are our employees’ health, safety and comfortable working conditions. We enforce our employees’ obedience to safety rules and norms, industrial hygiene, fire safety, correct operation of equipment and tools and will work further on their safety rules awareness on production facilities.

Compensation package.

We aim to engage talented and highly professional employees providing deserving work conditions and developing their expertise. We are continuously working out fair and competitive compensation package, motivation ways in our pursuit to be the chosen employer. All approaches to forming compensation, duration of the working day, breaks, privileges and guarantees are fixed in Collective Employment Agreement and internal Policies, and comply with legislative requirements.


Company respects employees’ right to form or join trade unions, take part in collective negotiations. We support all employees regardless of their position in Company, who take part in charitable, social, educational and professional organizations.