Quality policy

4.5.контроль качества

Quality policy corresponds to company’s goals and influences all areas of activity, is regularly reviewed, is brought to the notice of all employees and is mandatory.  It provides us with the basis for quality goal setting and analysis.

Implementation of this policy – is a foundation of our company’s sustainability.

The Company devotes much attention to quality control of printed products on all production stages: from layout to printing, to post-print and packaging. Confidence in high quality of our performed work based on sound in-house quality control system Quality Standard which was developed and successfully functioning in our Company.

Milestones of this system are control and analysis of all materials supplied to production, client’s and customer manager’s approval of printed samples, control during production process by workforce and heads in charge, and final stage control by manager and Quality Control division.

We use “colour management system” and around 10 standard ISO profiles for printing developed by international company ECI.  Such profiles take into consideration all important characteristics in pre-press and printing and their correct usage lets us determinate how the end product will look like.

All web press printing equipment is fitted with control system GrafiKontrol  which provides automatic colour register and density control on preset target level, ink squeeze control 50% and 80%, printing contrast  and printing quality analysis.

Our quality control system allows us to assure the uniformity of products and achieve constant anticipated quality standard during production of printed products using different technologies for each product.

As we have high production and personnel potential, we strive to strengthen out position on printing market as a reliable provider of polygraphic services.

Our goal – on time production in the most efficient and safest way with highest quality to meet and exceed client’s expectations, taking into account interests of business and the community.

Main principles of quality policy

  • Correspondence of Quality Management System (QMC) with requirements of international standard ISO 9001 in integration with general management system;
  • Constant improvement of quality of our products and services;
  • Improvement of materials’ quality by active cooperation with suppliers;
  • Continuous improvement of company’s management using world’s best practices based on key performance indexes evaluation;
  • Introduction of new and development of existing technologies and methods of production management, aimed to increase workforce productivity and minimize environmental impact;
  • Constant professional development and motivation of personnel;
  • Creating atmosphere of trust and support to maximize participation of employees in processes of quality control;
  • Systematic analysis, evaluation and actions to increase efficiency of QMC.

In order to fulfill these obligations company’s executives take responsibility to place priority on quality issues and give necessary resources to employees responsible for quality of products and services.

Company’s executives are the leaders and guarantors of fulfillment of international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements.