Environmental management

4.2. охрана окруж среды Among Company’s priority tasks are: improvement of Company’s environmental performance, energy effectivization and rational usage of energy resources.

Our goal is to meet world environmental standards. For us it means effective water usage and wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, decreasing of carbon dioxide emission and solid waste bulk and increasing amount of waste for recycling. We keep track of our environmental performance, implement programs to increase ecological awareness of our personnel and all interested parties in the field of rational usage of natural resources, environmental protection and ecological safety. Since 2009 Green Office program is at work.

We willingly set up ambitious goals in order to undercut influence on environment as a consequence of our production activity, to decrease carbon dioxide emission and carry out regular monitoring. Today level of air emission does not exceed enforceable standards.

Even with production growth, by 2015 we intent to keep volume of gas emission on 2010 level, step-by-step decreasing adverse environmental effects. We also plan to decrease carbon dioxide emission made during transportation of our products and materials and increase effectiveness of ours and our partners’ vehicles operation.

Our goals and programs to decrease water usage.

Our Company is focused on initiatives to use this resource effectively. Firstly, there are projects of rational water usage in production circle. There is a system of reverse water supply for cooling of printing units’ tempering rollers in sheet and web press printing machines. Secondly, water meters are installed and we monitor quantity of flow. Quarterly quality control checks of drinking water and water used for production are made.

Our goals and programs to decrease energy usage.

One of the priorities in undercutting influence on environment is energy conservation. We will continue saving energy costs on 1000 printed sheets.

Our goals and programs to decrease wastage for disposal dump.

We developed Wastage and Emission Handling Program which aims to decrease quantity of waste, volume of emission and adverse environmental effects and on human health. Responsible persons were appointed to handle waste and emission. Sorting of common and production waste being made and 90% of production waste is recycled.

We believe that Company’s commitment to sustainability principles helps us to manage environmental performance and build successful and stable business.