5.1.карьера_общее We are happy you are paying interest to our Company

We pride ourselves for having put together a team of experts in printing, sales, logistics, accounting, finances, etc., to whom the work for the benefit of our customers is closely associated with the success of our Company and their own well-being. Those are the kind of employees who know the culture, goals and tasks of the Company and understand its values, demonstrating dedication to high quality of our services. Our success is, first of all, the success of our employees.

We do our best to create conditions in which every employee would be interested in a long-term work for our company. The employees’ work at the Company is, first of all, their career.

When we speak about work at Univest Print in terms of a career, we mean that our colleagues can:

  • Do one’s best to fully accomplish any task assigned;
  • Bear responsibility for one’s actions;
  • Look upon a situation from a long-term perspective view point, rather than from a short time goal one;
  • Comprehend the value of the financial success of the company;
  • Understand the value of the team work and partnership

We look upon the entering into a employment contract as cooperation based on long-term and mutually beneficial relations.

We would be happy to employ energetic responsible professionals who are ready day after day to contribute to Company’s development and grow together with it.

Our values are the basis of our company’s culture.